I have a new NDPS printer on a Netware 6.5SP8 server. The printer is
being installed to the same IP address etc. as the old printer, so I
simply want to modify the existing NDPS printer to update to the new driver.

Can't find any way to make this work.

I *finally* got NWADMIN working, for the most part, with an update to
deal with the TLS issue; however, if I try to add drivers via the
resource manager on the broker, the "Browse" button does nothing, so I
can't get to the files in their location.

In addition, the printer comes with an INF file and CAT file and DLLs,
but no CAB file & nothing Novell-related either.

In iprint, I get an error when trying to Manage the NDPS printer;
apparently this issue is well-known and I haven't seen a fix for it.
(Every tab under Manage gives its own variant of the same error, i.e.
"exception reading printer control" etc.) I am running iManager on an
XP workstation that has both the Novell client, and NDPS as well as
iprint components, installed ... and ippsrvr.nlm is already loaded on
the server, of course.

So I am stuck for finding a way to update the driver. Any hints or
suggestions to work around the tools not working? Is there some way to
perhaps put the driver files somewhere so that I won't have to browse to
them? Some way to make imanager work on managing the NDPS printer?

The only thing I've found so far is to go to each workstation & manually
update the driver, then reboot and then manually force a configuration
update, then set the settings I want everyone to use. I have tried
building a package with snapshot to deploy these changes but that, too,
doesn't seem to work.

Any method at all that would let me update the driver associated with
the printer object, without visiting each & every workstation, would be