We are currently running eight NW60 servers with SP5 and eDir 8.7.3. One
is the VPN Master, the rest are slaves. This past week our ISP reduced the
number of public IP's we were using because we've basically gone to all
private IP's. They dropped one of our two Class "C" ranges moving
everything thing over to the other. Each subnet has about 5 public
addresses of which one is the router and one the server. Only two subnets
did not change, the one at the beginning, and one at the end. The original
range was split up.

Here's the problem: after re-assigning IP's/subnets to each server except
for two I reestablished my site-to-site VPN. All slave sites are
communicating except one, the one that did not change at the start of the
Class C range. It does not want to talk to the others and cannot ping
anyone else or anyone else it except the Master. I've unloaded IPFLT31,
etc., with no luck. Went in and made all filters to accept anything each
way, still no luck. All was working fine until the changes, now all
servers except one communicate as before with the one in question not even
though it gets out on the Internet with BM Proxy and users are able to get
their GW mail and do Instant Messaging.

This "node" is needed as all of the schools are tied via the VPN to the
district office with the student management software. Now the one secretary
is not getting any happier at the moment.

Any ideas and /or suggestions? I'm seeing 8 green " IP up arrows" when
looking at the VPN activity screen showing a connection.

Thanks, and I apologize for being so winded,