I am having issues with trying to get the GW8 Webaccess agent installed on an OES2 Linux server. I went through a migration from a Netware 6.5 box and the MTA, POA, and GWIA are all functioning fine. I decided to do a fresh install of the Webaccess agent to the same server but can't get it to work. I get an error "An attempt to add an object to the directory failed (ad2b)" and I can't get any further. I have tried three different LDAP servers (one Netware,two OES2 Linux). The WEBAC80A object gets added to the tree under my domain but it doesn't have any information.

I have looked at TID 3618966 but all of the TLS stuff was already unchecked. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try next? Thanks for your help.