Was doing a pretty good job with the object API in C# looking at and manipulating the address data. Realizing that ultimately I was going to need to run a large number of users through the program I've put the conversion function in a thread away from the UI thread. I started getting the following error

"The 'MAPI Session Handle' of the Novell Groupwise 'object request broker' could not be accessed"

when I hit the second line of the following:

GWAcct = GWApp.Login(UserID, "", Password, "", "");
GWAddrBooks = GWAcct.AddressBooks;

UserID and Password are local variables obtained from the UI fields via an invoked function. Initially I had GWAcct and GWAddrBooks in class scope of the form. I tried moving them into method scope but still get the error.

What do I need to do to eliminate this error?