Hello All;

I had a 3 site S2S VPN working. All 3 server have static IP addresses.
Now a change of ISP at the Master with a new Public IP address, the slaves did not change public IP addresses.

The master and slaves were torn down, even using VPNCFG to remove BM configuration, remove CSL.CFG and CSL.DAT from the SYS:ETC dir.
Built the VPN Master and slaves with new certificates and TRO's.
Then master can communicate and a VPN is connected to 1 (one) slave and is working fine.
The 2nd slave still has a WAN connection to the old master public IP address.
Removed the slave configuration at the slave site with iManager 2.02, remove CSL.CFG, CSL.DAT and NLSPSTAT.CFG from slave/SYS:ETC dir.
Restarted the slave server, now no WAN Calls in INETCFG.
Build the slave configuration from the slave iManager.
Do a stopvpn and startvpn on the slave server.
Slave server displays a call to connected to the old master public IP address. WHAT??
How do I get rid of the old server definition from the slave WAN Call directory?
In the slave IKE screen, I can see a SA created for the new master public IP address, then 2-5 minutes later it is deleted. Why??
The new master public IP address never ends up in the salve inetcfg WAN call directory.

Any help and suggestion would be appreciated.