I am deploying SP1 for Windows 7 via Patch Management and I am running into some issues with the installation. I have the prerequisite installing prior the the service pack and that gets installed properly. The machines are rebooting after a time out period or when the user selects reboot. Upon the reboot, the service pack begins it's installation. The machines restart a couple more times during the installation, which is normal. When the service pack is complete, the computer goes to the login screen as normal and you can login without any issues. When I check to see if SP1 has been installed, it does not show in Properties of the computer and there is an error message in the EventViewer stating that Package KB976932 failed to be changed to the Installed State. Status: 0x80070490. I have my CBS.log file but i'm not sure where to look for information. We have some machines that the upgrade to SP1 is working fine and others that having this issue. Can anyone offer and input or suggestions for me to figure this out. Thanks.