Hello everyone!

I've a customer who has designed a custom form for his employees. The employees need to fill out the form and submit it, but the info collected is fairly confidential and so ideally employees wouldn't see entries submitted by others. "Plan B" has been to create another folder somewhere that only HR has access to, and as soon as a form is submitted, a workflow moves it to that HR folder.

However, we are wondering if there is a way to setup the access controls and/or a role so that the employees would be able to submit an entry and only see theirs. This would allow them to edit it once it has been submitted. Obviously the HR group would have access to all the entries.

We created a role that has these rights:
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Create Entries
Delete Owned Entries
Modify Owned Entries
Read Owned Entries

We then assign that Role to the users, but then they don't even see the folder that they need to get to in order to create the entries! We have to make them at least Participants at the folder level, but them they can see all the entries.