(I had an earlier posting, but got sidelined by a series of server abends
that took priority). Our Master BM server is now a 3.8 sp2a running on NW6
sp5. BM is an upgrade from 3.6. Among its services is S2S VPN (legacy)to a
BM3.7 server. When we did the BM upgrade on the Master, we did not migrate
the VPN. S2S VPN is now (thanks Craig) working fine. We would like to finish
off the upgrade, and soon reenable C2S VPN as well as upgrade our 3.7 BM to

Question: I have modified VPNMigration.ncf as per readme. Will running it
break the existing legacy VPN connection, or will it continue to run until
we are ready to upgrade the other box, and then make the move to a 3.8 VPN?