My backup dsfw server crashed a couple weeks ago and Novell support advised me to reinstall the whole server. So I did it and now I'm at the provisioning stage.

It didn't go through smoothly, of course, mostly due to the same error, here's an example when provisioning slapi:

2011-07-21 11:52:23,592 INFO  - Addition of Domain Replica to the local server:Finished adding domain replica.
2011-07-21 11:52:25,048 INFO  - SLAPI Configuration:Starting SLAPI Configuration...
2011-07-21 11:52:25,048 INFO  - SLAPI Configuration:Script to be run is /opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/provision/provision_conf
2011-07-21 11:52:30 Excuting /opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/ndsConfigServerContext.sh --add-dc 'company.com' 'CN=Administrato
r,CN=Users,DC=company,DC=net' Machine1.company.com
LDAP Based utility [ndsConfigServerContext.sh] to retrieve server context for YaST
        DomainName        : company.com
        NdsAdminName      : CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=company,DC=net
        ExistingServerIP  : Machine1.company.com
        ExistingServerPort: 0
        Add_DC            : true
Returning server context->ou=novell.dc=company.dc=net
Failed to get domain controller info for 'company.com': No Logon Servers
Failed to get domain controller info for 'company.com': No Logon Servers
Failed to get the domain provider for domain name [company.com] [94] at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/Install/adc_install.pm lin
e 632.
 at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/Logger.pm line 119
        Logger::_err('Failed to get the domain provider for domain name [company....') called at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/L
ogger.pm line 202
        Logger::Log(0, 'Failed to get the domain provider for domain name [company....') called at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl
/Install/adc_install.pm line 649
        adc_install::refresh_reg() called at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/Install/adc_install.pm line 67
        adc_install::new('adc_install') called at /opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/provision/provision_config_slapi.pl line 26
It looks like it's trying to locate the domain controller on my primary dsfw server.

So I go back to my primary dsfw server, ran "xadcntrl validate", everything is fine and running. I then ran "provision -q -q --locate-dc company.com" and surprisingly it returns "Failed to get domain controller info".

What baffles me is that this server is servicing fine, users can authenticate without any problems, they can access the samba shares without problems, the xadcntrl validate is fine, the smb.conf is never touched and I verified it against the support page.

I also did a "net ads lookup" and it returns:

Information for Domain Controller:

Response Type: SAMLOGON
GUID: 90c405de-11f7-4195-e0ba-de05c490f711
        Is a PDC:                                   yes
        Is a GC of the forest:                      yes
        Is an LDAP server:                          yes
        Supports DS:                                yes
        Is running a KDC:                           yes
        Is running time services:                   yes
        Is the closest DC:                          yes
        Is writable:                                yes
        Has a hardware clock:                       yes
        Is a non-domain NC serviced by LDAP server: no
Forest:                 company.com
Domain:                 company.com
Domain Controller:      Machine1.company.com
Pre-Win2k Domain:       COMPANY
Pre-Win2k Hostname:     Machine1
Server Site Name :              Default-First-Site-Name
Client Site Name :              Default-First-Site-Name
NT Version: 5
LMNT Token: ffff
LM20 Token: ffff
So how should I tackle this? It looks dsfw is not able to locate my primary dsfw server but samba is able to do so......am i right?

Another possibility is that the DNS record for the domain is wrong, I checked the SRV record and the domain GUID seems right.

What should I do to fix this?