Some users have a rule active, that is sending all incoming email to a secretary,
Rule: "Forward as attachment", mail, received, today.

All these forwards show up in the "sent items", the mailbox owners dislike this.

So I'm wondering, what's the best practice to automatically prevent rule forwards to
show up in the sent items folder.

My approach currently is this, but it's not perfect:

Rule: Mail, sent, subject starts: "Wrtlt: ", action = delete/decline,

This also acts in case, the mailbox owner is forwarding an email to the secretary
*MANUALLY*, e.g. a mail, he wrote himself to an external recepient.

Howto create a rule, that will only forward "RULE BASED" forwards to the secretary?
As the original subject shall be visible to them, using a forward subject like "Rule
based..." is not welcome for the users...

Propably I miss some really easy arrangement?

Thanks for any suggestions, Rudi.