- An existing tree with three NW6.5SP8, eDir8.8SP5 and NDS 20219.15 servers 'Node1', 'Node2' and 'ZEN'
- 1 Master (Node1), 2 read/write replicas of [root] (Node2 and ZEN)
- ZEN7 (DLUs and Workstation Import)
- NCS 1.7 on a two node cluster, consisting of Node1 and Node2
- iPrint (clustered)

My goal:
- building a small partition
- install a brandnew OES2 (SLES) server into that new partition

1.) The Novell docs told me I have to use deployment manager to verify the requirements of the existing tree are met. I would like to avoid that because I'm not happy with shutting down an productive server and starting deployment on that machine. What's your opinion on that?

2.) There are problems during installation with replica sync to slow (e.g. big replicas). My replicy will be small, the new server will be the fourth server in that tree, so there's no risk, right?

3.) The existing schema is extended with some specific do-it-yourself attributes we need for special purposes. This has never been a problem at the past, neither upgrading, applying patches or service packs. I expect no problems regarding that, but I'm not sure. Any hints?