Ok, I've been looking for a solution for this, the vpn was supposed to
be up last week. I'm using client 4.9 sp1, tried on sp2, the vpn
client is 3.8.7. When trying to login I receive "The netware login
attempt failed, The user is not logged in to netware." The vpn looks
connected, I cannot ping the server by name or ip address when
connected. I also am not receiving any encrypted IP packets. On the
other end it is a NSB server 6, it is set as the master vpn. We are
using BM for the firewall and proxy server. I've tried making a
static NAT mapping to itself with the private ip on the public
interface. NAT is set to static and dynamic. When plugged in to the
local network we can connected using the vpn client. Any ideas

Thanks a million