Something is wrong with our ZCM system since the upgrade. 10.3.1 clients/users can logon to their PC's and they instantly can access their bundles via the start menu, windows explorer (Zenworks adaptive agent), and see them in the properties of the Z icon in the notification area if they click the Bundles link. For 10.3.3 clients, it is at least 4-5 minutes before they can access or see any of their bundles (device or user assigned). What happened? If it helps, policies appear to be applied just fine and are applying right away. It appears to be pretty consistent. I tried the 7 reboot thing that the other forum poster suggested and that has not fixed it.

I want to upgrade the agents asap to 10.3.3, but this unexpected glitch is holding me up. All servers are at 10.3.3 already. We use Suse/edir/sql.

Any thoughts?