I have NW6.5 SP2 server with BM3.8 SP2a on all three sites.

Using certificates following Craigs VPN setup book, The VPN is up and alive.
However the master states the it is 'Being Configured'. Even after several days and several 'Synchronize Selected' hits.
The two slave servers are 'Up-to-Date'.

Here is an exert from the master activity log. I receive these several times (3 sets) about every hour.

VPN Control Send update cfg to 2 for type of mask = 31, typeofcfg = 1
VPN Control Send update cfg to 1 for type of mask = 7, typeofcfg = 1

Clicking on the line opens up a dialog box stating it is an 'Internal Error'. What internal error?

Any clue, suggestions, help?