we want to deploy Windows 7 in our classrooms. On this we need the novell client. We use MS imagex in combination with a syspreped windows 7 image. It seems that the autologon-command in the unattend.xml file isn't working when the novell client is installed.
Thats a great problem for us as we want to use powershell to do further steps after deployment.

I have red as the only solution is to uninstall the novell client and then install it automaticly after deployment. But I think this isn't a good soltion as for updating the image we need the client. So we have to install it, do the updates, then uninstall it, sysprep and then install it again. It looks like a lot of proberties to get errors in your system to do it that way.

So is there no other solution as this to get the autologon working without uninstalling the novell client? Or have anyone a good best practice for that?