I have a periodic problem with loss of rights (ACLs) on a NAS file volume mounted on my OES 2 SP2 server. Rights are granted to a couple of groups which also have rights assigned to a native NSS DATA volume. Their other rights do no disappear.

I want to run a cron job a few times a day to restore the ACLs only on that directory (where the NAS is mounted). I do a backup of my trustees in the form of
 /sbin/metamig save DATA >/media/nss/DATA/trustees.bak
I then edit out all but the sub-set of ACL information I wish to restore. E.g.:

<trustee><name>.OU=DP.OU=BR01.O=WSFCU.T=WSFCU.</name><id>7f542480-7947-11d9-8f-eb-001143d3a317</id><rights value="rwceafm"><read/><write/><create/><erase/><accessControl/><fileScan/><modify/></rights></trustee>
<trustee><name>.OU=Branch.OU=BR01.O=WSFCU.T=WSFCU.</name><id>77948000-7947-11d9-8f-eb-001143d3a317</id><rights value="rwcefm"><read/><write/><create/><erase/><fileScan/><modify/></rights></trustee>
<trustee><name>.OU=MSR.OU=BR01.O=WSFCU.T=WSFCU.</name><id>7bc09d80-7947-11d9-8f-eb-001143d3a317</id><rights value="rwcefm"><read/><write/><create/><erase/><fileScan/><modify/></rights></trustee>
which I save as statement_acls.dat.

If I were to run a script like this:

/sbin/metamig restore DATA </media/nss/DATA/statement_acls.dat
Would this:
1) leave all other trustee rights intact and re-apply the subset I define,
2) or would it clear all of the thrustees on the data volume and assert these?