i setup a c2s vpn with imanager and when i enter at the bm server console
startvpn the server load the modules but the ike screen is black an blanck
c2s vpn dosn't work.

at the console i can see following messages:
VPMaster:Control Program has been Configured as Slave ,Unloading
Master!!! NetW
are Internet Key Exchange
Version 6.04e 24 June 2004
Copyright 1999-2004 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
Module VPMASTER.NLM is being referenced
You must unload IKE.NLM before you can unload VPMASTER.NLM

20.10.2004 10.56.21 : SERVER-5.0-1400
Error unloading killed loadable module

there must be something wrong, but where must i looking for.
is there anybody out who can send me an example ike-screen?

Thomas Kreis