We have done a lot of tests with BM 3.8 and we were thinking that
its works. But now we are implementing the first slave site in the same
tree.We don't establishing the vpn-connect.
Here some more informations:
all servers are in the same tree.
we have via the old BM 3.7 servers a link to the main site.
we have set the root (and some more) partitions on the slave 3.8 BM
It seems that IKE is work normaly (I'm not really sure about this)
On the monitor we see under the LAN-Adapters the VPN-Adapter:
He receives packets, but they is the same some of "miscelanous error".
The slave don't send any packets.
We must load the authgw.nlm manually, it will not ne loaded himself

Any idea what's wrong ?

Beat Brunner