Back again. Working on a program that modifies email addresses in the address book. All is well when I'm modifying an address book entry as a user immediately under the address book in which it resides. I just set it and forget it. But when I modify an address that's a member of a group it has no effect.

I have one method to make the changes in the user display name (if necessary) and the user email address. Another method handles the Group to split up the members but it passes the members off to the same method that handles the users that are directly part of the AddressBookEntries list. I've tried passing the group address book entry to the method and I've tried passing the index number of the entry to the method so it can pull the entry directly from the AddressBookEntries object.

Although I could change the email addresses of the user types directly in my address book loop I'm using a method in order to allow myself a degree of recursion when I get users in groups or even users within groups within groups. etc.

Primary question, how do I get changes in the emailaddress and/or displayname of the members of a group to migrate back to the address book?