I need help figuring out how Closest Server Rules work. Our laptops are causing some major issues with our Wan links. What happens is if a user is in site #1 on Tuesday and then moves to site #2 on Wednesday, they still seem to pull content from site #1 and it lights up the network WAN and the Network Bandwidth Hog Police come to my desk.

A simple zac ref seemed to fix the problem on the 2 occasions I have tested it, but shouldn't the refresh on boot up take care of the problem? The one laptop we checked had been turned on and logged in for at least 20-30 minutes before we got to it and it was in fact pointed to the wrong content server. Here are my questions:

When should a laptop (windows xp sp3/zcm10.3.1) get its Content server information? I assumed it was at the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen in the background....
Is there a way I can force laptops to update it content server information on boot up if the default is say at the 5 minute mark after logon when the user zac ref happens?