Trying to find out if someone has tried this before (while we wait for
Novell Support to give us an answer).
We're trying to restore some selective partitions from an image we took of a
SLES 11 SP1 server.
We've used the img command line and text-based gui, getting the same results
(makes sense).

We've captured an image of the OS partitions on the first disk (sda), there
is another partition with data on the second disk (sdb).
If we restore the image without advanced options it puts down the partitions
from the image, but it wipes out the partitions on disk 2, not good.
If we use the command line with the parameter -ap=a11 the restore image
fails with an error "bad file header", and aborts the restore.

Effectively we have no way of restoring selective partitions in Linux. It
seems to work fine in Windows, but who's talking about Windows ;-)

Has anyone made this work?