I had been using BM VPN Client connect to the network at my work place for
year without any problem. As the client, I didn't forward or open any
particular port at the router. Recently, I bought a new router and replaced
the old one with the same internal ip address: same brand but wireless
model, and configure the same on everything. When logging in, everytime it
puases at the same place for a while and finally pop up the error message.

Authenticated NetWare Use... passed
Enabled ip encryption... passed
Performing NetWare login... failed

The error message:
The tree or server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server.

However, it works like a charm on the same PC if I just put the old router
back into the network. It leads me to think that there's something wrong with
the new one. So, I did contact manufacturer's tech support, set back and
forward many emails and call them many times for couple weeks. Still, I
couldn't get answer why. We even tried to forward all ports from 1 to 65500
to my PC, but it still didn't do any good. Now, I totally out of idea what would
solve this. Maybe any of you have seen this problem before and might want
to share it with me.

Also, their tech support wants to know if there are exactly any particular
ports on the router I need to forward to my PC where's running VPN client? I
didn't think so because my old router was fine without any. Maybe I am

Thank you,