I have an OES2 sp2 Linux server on one ESXi server that needs to be rebuilt and I want to migrate it off to another ESXi server while I rebuild that server then move it back.
I tested this using VM ware convertor and it worked OK on a windows and standard suse10 sp3 server but I have since tried the OES2 Linux server and it fails to load the networking correctly.

For a start using VM Convertor it creates a new nic on the migrated server which needs the ip address info added which the windows and standard suse server took with no problems.
The OES2 server though even when I have added exactly the same network info onto the new card and deleted the old it doesnt work. I then went back in and checked the details were right which they were and re activated the nic again and the networking starting working.
I restarted the server to make sure all services started up correctly as rcndsd status showed nds as dead as well as various other services that had failed due to the networking being down but it failed to start the network again?
It does eventually start and its as if once edirectory fails to load, the networking then starts working? I can then rcnds restart and eventually it starts up OK but it then means I have to restart all the other services as well that are in a failed state due to lack of networking connectivity? If I reboot again it still fails to start edirectory and networking???

Does edir bind direct to a nic card, could that be the issue as now it has a new nic effectively? Any ideas would be appreciated?