We had a system 'crash' a few weeks ago where SLES became unresponsive on
our GroupWise server and since then we've been getting the occasional 8205
error on peoples clients when trying to send an e-mail containing

So far i have seen 2 different 8205 errors, 1 with a text that says 'end of
file' and 1 with 'unknown error'
Both times there are no errors in the POA log, only on the client.
I checked the nwguard files but they seem to be OK, nightly maintenance is
running like it should.

For the 'end of file' variant, it will usually just start to work after
restarting the client.

The 'unknown error' variant is more persistent, it will refuse to send the
email when using the attachment button to add (multiple) files. Once it
gives the error it will refuse to send individual files as well with any
future attempts.
However, when going into word and doing 'send by e-mail as attachment', it
will manage to successfully send the file.

The problem is intermittent and seemingly random.
We're running GroupWise 8.0.2-92377 (sp2hp2(i think)) on SLES10sp2 and

I've run out of leads, any ideas ?