I'm testing Certificate based Authorisation with BorderManager 3.8

When I try to acces the VPN-Server I get an IKE Error Message on the
Client PC and I see the Following Entries in the Audit Log of the Server:

VPN ACLCheck - No Match found in Trusted Master List.
VPN ACLCheck - No Match found in Member List.
VPN ACLCheck - No Match in Client Auth List.

The ACL Rules is set that every User in the context I am can Access via
The trusted Root Certificate (RootCert.der) is copied from the Server
(SYS:\Public\)to the Client's Trusted Root directory of the Novell VPN
The Users Certificate (.pfx)is created and exported via iManager and also
in the correct directory.

The client Log:

10-28-2004 11:40:52 AM ***Receive Unacknowledge Informational message from

10-28-2004 11:40:52 AM I-COOKIE=aa0a32e9,R-

10-28-2004 11:40:52 AM Recieved notify message type 62 from <Server-IP>
10-28-2004 11:40:52 AM Notify Recvd :Deleting IKE SA and related QM SAS -
Peer <Server-IP>
10-28-2004 11:40:54 AM IKE-SA 8a7e48 is Deleted,I-COOKIE=aa0a32e9,R-

10-28-2004 11:40:54 AM State:2 Cond:4 TimerEvent:1
10-28-2004 11:40:54 AM lifetime :28800 sec Rekey Time :0 sec

10-28-2004 11:40:54 AM Created at :0 sec Remaining life time :-7516
sec Current time 36316