Friday I was experimenting with a global signature, assigned to the PO and trying to get it to work. In the the mean time the server abended. After rebooting I noticed that the signature started working but that the message worker threads where maxed out and messages started queueing in 4 and 5. I ran a post office repair over night and this morning things seemed better. I then turned off the global signature and now things are slow again and threads are again maxed out. Is this a normal behavior? Does the signature associate to every user in the PO? Or is something just wrong with my PO that I need to repair.

Some of my settings:

GroupWise Post Office Agent

Up Time: 0 Days 0 Hours 49 Minutes [PO]
C/S Users 623
Remote/Caching Users 14
Application Connections 791
Physical Connections 129
IMAP Sessions 0
SOAP Sessions 0
Priority Queues 0
Normal Queues 3545
GWCheck Auto Queues 0
GWCheck Scheduled Queues 0

Thread Status
Total Busy
C/S Handler Threads 29 16
Message Worker Threads 20 20
GWCheck Worker Threads 4 0
IMAP Threads 4 0
SOAP Threads 2 0
Message Transfer Status Open

Thanks in advance