I'm using GW 8.0.2 on Windows (Build 92614). I'm trying to create a rule to filter all locally generated mail to a subfolder on my mailbox.

I tried to use a rule with conditions "From" "Not Equals To" "*@*", but it seems to be matching all messages.

If I use "From" "Equals to" "*@*", the exact oposite of the above condition, the search works as expected --- messages where "From" field have an "@" get separated from the local ones. But this isn't what I want. I want that local messages get separated from my mailbox to a subfolder, and external messages (which have a "@" in the From Field) get untouched.

I have already tried several combinations of "Contains", "Doesn't contains", "Starts with" with no luck. Neither other fields (Author, Document Creator, etc) seems to work.

Does anyone know how can I tell local messages from external ones? Any help will be appreciated.