We are have several servers with NW6.5SP2 + BM3.8SP3B.
Some time ago we are up VPN tunnel between our servers.
When we are have only two VPN servers: Master and Slave - always seems ok.
When we are add third server into VPN (second Slave VPN Server) - on the
both slaves in console screen we see message: IP xxx-xxx-xx-xx unrichable.
But VPN tunnel continue normally working. When we are add four VPN Server
(third Slave) we are find some stange problem:

1. In some time Master failed routing between public and private interface
(fixed only after seconf reboot Master server)
2. Too many time for loading filtsrv - in logging screen system wrote:
TCP/IP initialized... and system waiting... waiting - nearly 2-3minutes,
after system continue loading.
3. Some time when I say in console unload proxy - I get suspended server :(
Hmmmm, may be default loading BM procedure is not correct?

Some info:
1. If I return back SP2a on BMee - the same problems
2. On the all servers used TCPIP (Domectics) v.6.64 (see on modules
command result)
3. On the all servers used IP/IPX packets filtering. RIP IN/OUT not
filtering. Other rules for filtering are default.
4. All servers configuration: PIV-2.4Ghz, RAM 1-2GB, SATA HDD 80-160GB,
Intel server board, Intel internal and D-Link 10/100 external LAN

What I must to do for fix problems?

PS: for set up Site-to-Site VPN we are used yours book by Craig Johnson
(personally thanx for this book)... after eight months using BM3.8 we are
started to find hardware VPN & Firewall server... may be it would be easy
to set up and in use...