Servers: 2x Primary 11.0 / SLES 11.1
1x Satellite 11.0 / SLES 11.1 (imaging)
1x External Sybase / SLES 11.1

Clients: Windows XP SP3 (Physical HP DC5800SFF / Virtual VMWARE ESXi Desktops)


Within a month, we need to upgrade our ZCM 11.0 servers and client to ZCM 11.1
The last time we did the upgrade (10.3 > 11.0) we saw random client devices failing the update, and logon was not possible anymore. (re-imaging was the fast solution).
We did stage 4 workstations for testing, but after that all machines were upgraded automatically.

For the next update i want to do it a little bit safer, and want to stage the deployment to the clients.
Can someone write down the steps to take in case i want to deploy 30 devices each time after each other.

For example:

1. Wake-up alle the workstations "workstation level"
2. Stage first 4 workstation for testing.
3. Stage 30 devices for deployment
4. Check the devices if all is succesfully, if everything is fine, stage 30 more devices.
5. Again and again, until all devices are done.
6. Turn Off all machines (is there a fast way, same as wake-up?)
7. Baseline the 11.1 update

We are doing this kind of upgraded always in the weekend. We don't want client upgrades on user login. (because i don't trust the updater