Been struggling with trying to redirect My Documents in Windows 7 over to a network share, and I'm curious if anyone else has done it. In XP I could simply edit the "Personal" string value in "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ex plorer\User Shell Folders" and "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ex plorer\Shell Folders" to accomplish this. When I do the same thing in Windows 7, I wind up in this weird state where going to the Documents library no longer lists My Documents, only Public Documents, and I don't see anything that's actually in the network share. However... if instead of manually editing the registry I browse to C:\Users\[username] and right click on My Documents (which is just the Documents folder), go to the location tab, then point to the network share everything is fine. This doesn't exactly help with automating the process though.

So now with more testing I've discovered this. After redirecting via the GUI instead of manually via regedit, if I then use explorer and browse to my profile directory I actually see two My Documents folders listed. One is the Documents subfolder within the userprofile, the second is the network share! From a command prompt, "dir /ah" shows a "My Documents" junction that points to the Documents subfolder. But I don't see a "My Documents" of any sort pointing to the network share. That's only displayed via an explorer window.

So what gives? Besides editing the two regkeys, do I need to also create a shortcut or junction or something called "My Documents" which points to the network share? There's gotta be some way to do this!

Oh, and no, there is no AD involved so I can't simply do the folder redirection via a GPO.