hi all,

We have sometime user home folders that are stuck in "Copying Data" mode. Logs show that NSM agent is starting over and over to copy the home folder but everytime stuck at copying RO files to folder in RO mode.

When I refer to the RO mode, it is the one set from the windows explorer.

When the agent stuck on these files, it drop the copy of everything else.

As a workaround we found that going with windows explorer to the source folder and forcing the files to NOT BE read only, let NSM agent go to the end of the copy.

01 2011-08-26 10:33:47 7200 3 8002 910 4e81c940 CopyDirAsyncExDirListCB2() - Called CopySingleFileAsync(..., L"\\DENIER_VOL1_SERVER\VOL1\users\lRoddier-FSFMOVE\public\ministrat\.cvsignore", L"\\MELIES_VOL3_SERVER\VOL3\users\lRoddier\public\ ministrat\.cvsignore", 158015, 0), Result = 54.

Florian Deckert
SopraGroup - France