Engineering is aware that there are currently issues with the RealTek drivers in the July driver update. RealTek provided drivers to Novell (R8168) which were supposed to work across all RealTek cards, when in fact they do not. This likely also applies to other model types, potentially all that rely on the R8169 driver module which is no longer included in the July driver updates. It should also be mentioned that the R8168 driver shows up as an 'unknown module', which makes the manual loading a bit difficult.

This issue is a real pain as the Mini 1210 don't have CD/DVD drives. The boot iso / drivers from as far back as May 2010 work fine with the Dell Mini. (R8169) The options, for us are to round up an external DVD drive and use an old boot.iso, revert the drivers to a previous version and thereby break imaging for all models dependent upon the more recent drivers, or get into the business of compiling initrd ourself.