I had posted a question regarding this issue before, but nothing ever really came of it until now, because we have a customer who is needing this issue fixed. We have 1 server that runs NWSB 6.5 sp2. It has all the company files, information ,etc, basically everyone logs into this server. We want to run a C2S VPN server on it. I have the general setup, and install done. However when I log in to the VPN server using C2S, I can't get to any of the volumes or for that matter the BM server itself.
In my testing lab this wasn't an issue because I had two or more servers in my tree. However as mentioned before this is the only server in the tree, and when I get logged in via the VPN client, I can't browse the server or the volumes. I did follow an earlier post about DISABLING THE NAT ON THE PUBLIC SIDE,which when I did this, I was able to browse the server at that time. However this is not an option because they also run a web server, and their GW webaccess. Craig, had mentioned that there might be a fix coming out from Novell soon on this issue. Does anyone know if this has been fixed or not?
I was able to browse the server, and the volumes when I connected internally.With NAT enabled, However when I was connected externally(i.e. home), I was not able to do this. Craig, had also mentioned using a private IPADDRESS as a Secondary IPADDRESS on the private side. Saying to use this for your proxy, DNS, SLP DA, or logging into the server over the VPN connection. When I tried this internally it never connected, and also didn't work externally. How am I supposed to set this up as my listening address, so that the C2S VPN will use this address instead of the Primary IPADDRESS, and also is there something that I need to change in the VPN C2S setup in iManager? Thank you for any help that you can offer,