is it possible to use novell-named on OES 2 Linux to create split-horizon DNS server? Something like this: Two-in-one DNS server with BIND9 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials. What I want to achieve is "to resolve to internal IPs when you are inside and external IPs when you are outside".

We have some services (web applications, Groupwise messenger etc.) which can be accessed from the LAN using private addresses and which are also visible from the public network (Internet).

Currently we have Netware 6.5 with DNS Proxy binded to internal address and some hostnames bound to internal IP addresses inside hosts file (and therefore resolved by DNS Proxy with private addresses for LAN clients) and named bound to public IP and serving DNS requests from public network. But we'd like to migrate everything from Netware to OES 2 Linux.

Any help is much appreciated!