My GWIA keeps giving me a 450 Host Down error whenever I try to email a single domain. Unfortunately it isn't just that simple so I'll try to describe this the best that I can.

I just migrated from a NW 6.5 SP8 GroupWise server that had the POA, MTA, GWIA and GWAVA all on the same system to a virtual environment where I have Server1 with the Primary POA and MTA, Server2 which has a secondary MTA, GWIA, Webaccess, and messenger, and server 3 which is the GWAVA appliance running an SMTP scanner (used to be the GWIA scanner on the NW system).

When I try to ping or telnet 25 from the GWAVA server, everything connects just fine, but if I try from Server2 I keep getting the host can't be found message, and I'm guessing that since GWIA can't connect to the host, that is the reason for my problems.

Now to make it more complicated, the host that I can't connect to is sort of but not really on my same network. The recipient domain rents some space in our building, has a PIX Firewall on a port on one of our switches, piggy backs our Internet connection, and their email server is in the same Class C Network (Using NAT) as our email and GWAVA servers.

Under NetWare, I had to make a change to the route.cfg folder which in the past made messages successfully flow from us to them. I've made the same entry to the new GWIA's route.cfg and have the same problem.

I'm leaning towards a routing problem because messages between us and the organization will receive an initial SMTP packet but then there will be a number of "Out of Sequence" messages, and if I try to ping my domain's mail server, the ping resolves my NAT address but the replies end up coming in from my local network's IP address.

Right now I need to try to restore messages going from us to the other organization, but will probably need to help them get mail to route back to us correctly as well. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to try next? I did successfully have a couple of messages go through earlier today when I made changes to my GWIA setting and restarted it, but no new messages successfully went when I made changes so ended up reverting any changes back. Thanks!