I'm in search of the best method for DSfW domain member workstations
logging in as DSfW domain users to access shared data on NSS volumes on
OES2sp3 Linux Servers. Workstations will not have the Novell Client
installed. Shared data will reside on non-DSfW OES2sp3 Linux Servers.
So I would have:
A: 1 OES2sp3 Linux server with DSfW installed (My AD Domain Controller)
B: 2 + OES2SP3 Linux Servers not running DSfW
C: Many Windows client computers that are DSfW Domain Members logging in
as Domain Users.

What is the best way for C to access NSS volumes on B? I assume it
would involve CIFS or SAMBA running on B? I've tried SAMBA on B as a
member server of the DSfW domain, but I'm prompted to authenticate on
accessing, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

What's the best way to make this work seamlessly? Where might I find
documentation? Novell's SAMBA and DSfW documentation do not sight this
setup, although I would think it to be fairly common.

Thanks for any help.