I am trying to install the 11.1 upgrade on my OES2 SP3 box, the 11.0 is working

I ran the install, it finished updating the database, got to the point of "updating packages" and hangs about 20% into that part of the process.

I left it running overnight (about 8 hours), and it was still sitting at that point.

I rebooted the server, and zenworks is still running on this server, everything seems to work. It says the database is 11.1, but all the items are 11.0.

I look at the system updates and it shows an Update for ZENworks (11.1) that stays in the pending stage.

So I tried to do the update process again... during the update process it says "this update has already been installed, do you want to continue" I answered to the affirmative and the same process happens...

It gets to the point of "updating packages" and hangs.

Anyone have any suggestions? what to look for?