Hi I have ZENworks 11 Applicance installed.

I want to upgrade to SP1. However I am not clear which installer I need
to use..

Do I have to download and install the 9GB appliance file
ZENworks11SP1_Appliance-x86_64.ova and install over the top or can I
just use the SP1 - ZENworks11SP1.iso

The document says..

4.2 Upgrading ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11 to ZENworks Virtual
Appliance 11 SP1

ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11 can be upgraded to ZENworks Virtual
Appliance 11 SP1 by using the ZENworks Configuration Management
installer. For more information on upgrading servers to ZENworks 11 SP1,
see Section 2.0, Upgrading the Primary Servers to ZENworks 11 SP1.

Can I ask, what is the ZENworks Configuration Management installer Is
this a feature or part of the installation.

I am a little surprise we can't just use Zypper or Rug. It would make
life so much easier.