Hi, Craig (et al). A quick note about the above router (seeing that just
at the end of last month you removed it from your list of "works OK"

I just got off of a remote support appt with a client. She was trying to
connect to a BM 3.7 server from behind the NetGear box. We managed to
get the tunnel up (I could see her in the BM stats in NWAdmin), but
couldn;t pass any traffic. I did test her BM client config when I was
onsite (onsite with the server, that is) the other day. She wasn't able
to ping the server from her side, either.

I tried turning off SPI at the router; no dice. I also tried setting a
port trigger for 2010, and that didn't do the trick.

Finally, I told her to return the box and get a LinkSys WRT54G, which I
believe works (though I haven't tested recently, at least with BM 3.7).

Anyway, just an update. Thanks for the great books, your excellent work
here, and for maintaining your site; all of the above - plus you! - are
valuable resources.

Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA
Rosenthal & Rosenthal
Accountants / Network Consultants
New York / Northern Virginia www.2rosenthals.com
eComStation Consultants www.ecomstation.com
Novell Users International www.novell.com/linux/truth