I just migrated our GroupWise installation from NetWare 6.5 to Windows Server 2003 on a different physical server. We are running GroupWise 8.0.0. The migration seems to have run smoothly. I am able to open the GW Client and access all e-mail. I can send and receive messages.

I have tried to access GroupWise from a laptop that is outside of our LAN, but it will not connect. When I performed the migration, I edited our firewall and entered the new IP address for the server. I have checked the log files on the firewall and it appears that it is accepting packets on port 1677 and passing them through.

On the Windows server, I have added an exception in the Windows Firewall settings to allow this port to pass through on the Exceptions tab.
I have also added this port to the Local Area Connection on the Advanced tab.

I have enabled the logs in the Windows Firewall, but there are no entries for port 1677 listed there.

I have used Wireshark to capture traffic and it appears that packets for port 1677 are arriving at the server.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I am missing? Any other steps I should take for troubleshooting? Any settings I should check in GroupWise or Windows?