One of our Netware 6.5 servers abended recently while I was using Dell's Array Manager. I've used this utility countless times before with no problems so it's a bit of a mystery. However, in my attempt to get Array Manager working again, the server suffered another abend and tried to down itself but failed and crashed. In the end I had to resort to the 'big switch' and when I restarted the server, I spotted some brief messages about the volumes, suggesting it was aware that the system had not been shutdown properly. The server seems to be working normally now and I've used ArrayMgr again without a problem but my main concern is for the data stored on it. Do I need to check for possible data loss & corruption as a result of this abend + crash or does Netware / NSS have built-in protection for these events? If this was Windows, I'd probably scan the disk for errors but I'm not sure there's similar available for Netware. To be honest, I've never faced this situation before because since the server was set-up 4 years ago, it's been absolutely solid. Any advice would be much appreciated.