I had to buy a new Stove/Oven as my current one of 12+ years died. They
offer me a service plan where they come out every year and calibrate it
and so forth. I said no thank you. They said well you know if we have
to come out one time, labor + parts will cost more than the service

I said so basically your sales pitch is that on average, your product
quality is so crappy that it's not going to be reliable after a year and
thus I should buy a contract? Your contracts only go out to 3 years, so
I guess i should plan on buying a new one after that, where as my
current one is 12+ years old (was here when I moved in so no idea how
much older), has lasted all this time.

His response, well you know they don't make them as well as they used to.

Still not winning me over on the sales job there..

I did wind up buying the unit, but I skipped the service contract.