I'm planning on upgrading our Zen 10.3.3 server to 11.1 but I'm being a bit
cautious seeing our previous experiences with upgrading ZMD.

Right now we have a single ZMD10 + reporting server for about 200 users, I
was thinking of setting up a satellite server on a spare piece of metal and
having it copy everything over to there as a kind of online backup.
I still have a few questions that I hope someone has some answers to before
I go ahead of this:

- How smooth has the upgrade from 10.3.3 to 11.1 been for everyone ?
- If I set up a full mirror satellite, how big an issue would it be to nuke
the primary that has suffered catastrofic failure because of the upgrade and
make that the primary ?(worst case)
- anything else I should watch out for ?

We've put ZDM on a physical machine because of the IO involved with imaging
/ bundles etc, so I cant make any snapshots like with vmware.

Also, am I correct to assume that endpoint protection is part of the Zen11.1
installation or does that need to be installed next to it afterwards ?
The fact that its a seperate download is throwing me off a little after
reading somewhere that it should be included in the main product.