Here is the setup that I currently have, and the problems I'm experiencing.
I have one NW 6.5 SP2 file sever, BM 3.8 patched up to BM38FP3B, the SECUDP6A security update for E-Directory, and NMSRV235 NMAS update to E-Directory as per the Current patch list on Craig's web site. Here are some of the things that I have seen on the server "IKE" screen


That is the first message that shows up when I start the C2S service after configuring it through iManager.I have downloaded the new VPN client from the support site, and installed it on to a windows XP client. Here are the settings that I used to connect

Configuration -NMAS , and enable login are checked
VPN- Sever address (My Public Number), Sequence is set to NDS(when connecting from the outside world)
E-Directory- Username (admin), Password ,context (test), Netware Server(the name of the server)

On the IKE screen when I attempt to connect I do see activity telling me that it must be trying to connect. I do get my tunnel address ( the client vpn screen), and after about two minutes, it does the following

Authenticated Netware User (checked)
Enabled Ip Encryption (checked)
Sucessfully Authenticated User (checked)
Performing Netware Login , and this is when I receive the error

"VPN Login, the Netware login attempt failed the user is not logged into Netware", "OK", then it seems to be connected to the VPN, but I'm not able to login to the server at all. I have the Traffic rules set to allow Admin to all, under the Authentication Rules i have selected Allow NMAS authentication, and the grade is set to Logged.LDAP configuration is set to the server private IP address, port 389, and trusted root is filled in with the one created by iManager. Nothing set under DNS/SLP configuration.
I have used this same configuration on NW 6 SP5, with BM 3.8 and it did work other then not being able to get to the BM server, while being able to get to the other servers in the tree. Just windering what has changed on NW 6.5, and how I can get this to work with limited down time on the server? Thank you for any help that you can offer.