It's been noted before on this forum that when user's accidentally or on purpose move their default folders (Sent Items, Trash, Mailbox, Calendar) to become sub-folders of other folders, this can cause some strange behavior with DataSync and often cause items not to sync correctly for that user. I just had one user whose GW Events were nearly 30 times what the rest of our user's activity was on the monitoring screen for the GW connector. Turns out the user had 2 sent folders, one inside the other and a few other messed up folders. Once I contacted the user and got him to fix this, I ran and A&F on his account and then did a re-initialize, and now his account looks like my other users. So I have this question, is there anyway to "Lockdown" certain folders in GroupWise to prevent users from doing this? Or is their an administrative way to fix this for them, like with an A&F option? I've tried options like deldupfolders and resfldr but those don't seem to get done what moving the folders back to their original spots can do. I realize this might be a question for the GroupWise forum but it doesn't effect the client like it does DataSync. We also have NotifyLink and the same actions screw that up too. If I could simply prevent users from moving their Inbox inside their Calendar for example, that would save me a lot of headaches. I'm curious to hear how other admins deal with this.