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Thread: iPrint winsock error 10060 and Windows 7 x64

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    iPrint winsock error 10060 and Windows 7 x64

    We have recently been rolling out Windows 7 x64 in our school district. So far, I have finally been able to get iPrint policies in Zenworks to push to the system properly, if the user is an administrator. All our staff accounts are set as local administrator when they log into the computer. If a student logs in, they are set to users, and the printer policies will not push. If I go the the ipp web page, and attempt to install the printer that way, I get a Winsock error code 10060. Looking at the Zenworks error logs, they also show a return of error code 10060.

    The current setup is iPrint on OES2sp1, with all the current patching for that version, and ZCM 10.3.3. The client systems are Windows 7 x64 Professional, running iPrint client 5.69b. I have also installed the Zenwork Field Test File per TID 7008738, and Microsoft Hotfix kb211290. Also, in the course of talking through a diffrent iPrint problem with Novell, UAC is turned off (the SR is pending they figure out how to let iPrint install printers without having to turn off UAC).

    I have also set AllowUserPrinters to 3 in the iprint.ini file on the iPrint server.

    So far, the only way I can think to fix this is to elevate students to local administrator, and that is not a feasible solution. Does anyone have an option, or possibly a fix they can offer?
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