I have a very strange problem with my C2S VPN.

I connect from a workstation in the public net to my BM server using vpn (without netware login). Everything works so far, I even can ping hosts in the private net (using IP and DNS name). Then run Client32 - tree and server is set to the private IP of the BM-Server. I can browse the nds with the button next to the context field. When I choose ok, the client can authenticate but can't access any server on the private net. Even pinging a server on the private net is no longer reliable! Ping works for one or two minutes then it stops working for several minutes... I can ping the private ip of the BM server without any interruptions.

My config:
- Private subnet
- WLAN subnet (actualy I'm not using wlan at this time, but it is planned)
- Address Pool for vpn clients:
- BM-Server has public ip and private ip configured
- Default gateway on all servers and workstations on the private net is
- has a route for and 192.168.201/24 to (the BM server)
- NAT implicit filtering on BM-Server is disabled
- NAT under bindings (public interface) is "static and dynamic" with a static binding from to
- IP filters are disabled (for testing purposes)
- I'm using VPN client 3.8.7 with NMAS authentication
- Novell Client 4.9 with IP only is installed (also tried SP2)

I'm using BM 3.8 on NW6.5 SP2. The following patches are installed: B1BM38SP3.EXE, ipflt31.nlm from BM37FP4D.EXE, TCP657HA.EXE, SECUPD6A.TGZ, NMSRV235.TGZ, BM3XVPN7.EXE (Craig, thanks for your patch list!)

Thanks very much for your help