Hi, I'm hoping someone here has run into this or a similar issue and can give me a few things to try to fix this issue. To start we are running Groupwise 8.0.2 on netware 6.5 sp7 and gwava 4.5. I know some of these are not up to date but i'm hoping there is another answer other than to just update.

The weekly maintenance runs every friday night and will not complete until late monday night or early tuesday morning. While this maintenance is running emails being received through smtp appear to get delayed by an hour or more. I can see over 1000 queued messages in the ..\WPGATE\GWIA\3rd\receive\gwava_stage folder and they are processing, just really slow it seems. If I look in the GWIA SMTP queue it is empty. CPU usage does not increase any noticable amount during the maintenance, the only issue Ive seen is that it causes SMTP email to be processed extremely slow. Once the maintenance is complete all is well again.

Any thoughts?