Hey Everyone,

I'm running zcm on a suse/linux oes2 box.

I've run into a bit of a problem with the Zen agent registering the workstation with the server. I've done some googling and searching the forums but haven't found an answer and have referecned this article:

Getting registration error of '[could not determine]' at URL

It is the exact error I get, but my 'zenworks-zoneconfig' page displays correctly--it is not the apache landing page as in the article.


The problem is:

Recently, when I try to register a workstation manually through command prompt, i get this message:
"Successfully registered with zone "[could not determine]" at URL "https://10.x.x.xxx".

The strange thing is, before getting the error message, I am prompted to accept the certificate and the machine is imported into ZCC, but does not receive any bundles, policies, etc.

When I right click on the "Zen Adapative Agent," the Zenworks server properites show: Management Zone, Server DNS, and Server Address are all unavailble, but the agent properites show that the device is 'managed.'


I've checked dns settings, and they all seem correct. DNS resolves server name. Workstations that have previously registered show no errors or signs of any problems. Everything checks out ok, as far as bundles, policies, etc...

I checked the zmd log and one of the line says: Zone Config Manager is reporting no user sources
but if that were the case, shouldn't all computers have problems?

Any ideas or thoughts?


Lee Yang