We are having the same problem in several of our offices.... We all have:

- Netware 6.5 SP8
- SLP.NLM ver 2.13
- SLP.MPM ver 5.70
- Windows XP SP3 on the workstations
- we are running "IP Only" on all the workstations

All our workstations currently have 4.91 SP4 of the netware client and we are trying to upgrade them to 4.91 SP5. We modified the unattend.txt file for our office. When we run ACU.EXE /U it will appear to be installing the upgrade until we reboot the pc. After we reboot it shows the the new/upgraded version of the client but: (1) the workstation can not see the tree, (2) during the upgrade it lost the server name. And because it won't see the tree, I can't browse to the server. But I can put in the server's IP address and it will login ok.

Any idea why the upgrade would cause this?